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Meet the Teachie

I’m Emma and it’s so lovely to meet you. I am the creator and doodler behind Emma the Teachie. When I’m not creating biology resources, you can find me curled up with a fantasy novel, playing tennis, surfing, or annoying my funny husband (yes, I count that as one of my hobbies).

Emma the Teachie

My Story

  • I didn’t want to be a teacher.

    Growing up, I always said I wanted to be an illustrator - I drew pictures all the time, so why not make a career out of it?

    Teaching never crossed my mind. In fact, it didn’t for many years.

    I loved science in high school and I ended up getting my bachelors degree in Natural Sciences, majoring in biology.

    It was only then that I got a niggling feeling - what would it be like to teach?

    So I did a bit of a U-turn and got my teaching certification right after my degree. But that wasn’t my fairytale ending - not yet…

  • I seriously struggled

    Teaching was exhausting! I wanted the best for my students, but it felt like I was barely treading water. I wanted to give them the high-quality lessons they deserved, but I really struggled to juggle ALL THE THINGS.

    I spent my evenings and weekends doing lesson prep, grading papers, and answering emails. In a very short time, I burned out.

    I think as teachers, we’ve all been there. Somehow I made it through my first year and that’s when I started to find my feet. I had my lesson materials from the previous year and now I only needed to tweak them.

    My lessons got better and better. My students were more engaged and enjoyed coming into my classroom. I finally felt like I was good at teaching!

  • Fast forward 10 years

    It still sounds weird to say, but now I get to spend most of my time designing & perfecting biology curricula. I get to make the resources I could have only dreamed about having in the classroom.

    All my efforts go into making these materials high-quality and ready-to-use. It is truly a joy to help other teachers succeed.

    I do this because I don’t want anyone else to feel like I did when I was struggling.

    So let me help take some things off your plate. Get some ideas from my blog, browse my store, and take back your evenings and weekends.

    You are an amazing teacher, you are doing your best, and you’ve got this!

P.S. Remember how I said I liked to draw? I illustrate all of the biology graphics you see in my resources - you won’t find them anywhere else. I really hope you like them!