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Cell Transport Unit Bundle Doodle Notes

Need to review cell transport processes with your students? This bundle of cell transport Doodle Notes is ready to use and will save you countless hours! The cell membrane, diffusion, osmosis, and active transport are all brought to life with clear illustrations and tasks. Doodle Notes are low prep – just print and go!

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Fun and rigorous Doodle Notes for your cell transport unit!

This bundle of Doodle Notes covers the cell membrane, diffusion, osmosis, and active transport! Custom graphics are used to bring each structure/process to life, and to help students to remember each concept.

My Doodle Notes are low prep and make differentiation easy, with both open response and scaffolded fill-in-the-blank versions. They are a great for reviews, sub plans, test prep, and homework assignments.

These Doodle Notes are suitable for High School Biology and AP Biology courses.

Each set of Doodle Notes includes:

  • An open response version for higher challenge
  • A scaffolded version for support with fill-in-the-blanks
  • Black and white versions, perfect for coloring in
  • Colored versions
  • A handy how-to-guide to get you started with Doodle Notes

Content covered:

  • The Cell Membrane: Structure and function of the cell membrane, The role of cholesterol, The fluid mosaic model of the cell membrane
  • Diffusion and Facilitated Diffusion: Process of diffusion, Simple diffusion – properties of molecules that can/cannot diffuse directly across the cell membrane, Facilitated diffusion – channel proteins and carrier proteins, Factors affecting the rate of diffusion
  • Osmosis: The process of osmosis – in terms of water concentration, solute concentration and water potential, Semipermeable membranes (also referred to as partially permeable and selectively permeable), Osmosis in animal cells and plant cells, Types of solutions – hypertonic, isotonic and hypotonic, Osmosis in action – gummy bears and potato cylinders
  • Active Transport: Definition, Requirements, Examples of active transport including plant roots, The sodium-potassium pump – as an example of active transport (suitable for High School and AP Biology courses), Endocytosis and exocytosis
  • *BUNDLE EXCLUSIVE* Comparison of cell transport processes: with this bundle, you’ll get a free bonus set of notes so students can compare the processes of difusion, osmosis, and active transport! This is a great way to finish up your cell transport unit.

How do I use the Doodle Notes?

  1. After checkout, you can immediately download the Doodle Notes
  2. Then you’ll choose which version you want students to use
  3. Simply print one set of notes for each student

And that’s it, your reviews are prepped and ready to go!

Please note: These resources are digital downloads – no physical products will be shipped. My Doodle Notes are secure PDF files and are not editable. Doodle Notes is a trademarked term used with permission. Please visit doodlenotes.org for more info.

You can’t pour from an empty cup. Grab this unit of Doodle Notes and take some time for yourself today – you deserve it.

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