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Food Chains and Webs Google Slides

These Google Slides are a fun and no prep resource for your food Chains and food webs lesson. Your students will love dragging & dropping animals and plants to build up food chains and food webs!

Each license is for single classroom use by the original purchaser only - if you would like to share this resource with your colleagues, please purchase additional licenses.
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Save hours of your time with these food chains and webs Google Slides.

These slides are beautifully illustrated to help students visualize energy flow in ecosystems. The activities are designed to be interactive, with students building their own food chain and food web, matching up keywords to definitions, completing a fact file about decomposers, and more!

Activities are clearly explained, along with any technical tips required, so you can focus on teaching.

There are answer slides and a Google Forms Quiz to check student progress. This is self-grading, so there is no extra work for you.

Content covered:

  • Creating and analyzing food chains and food webs
  • Keywords: autotroph, heterotroph, producer, consumer, decomposer, predator, herbivore, carnivore, omnivore, apex predator
  • Energy pyramids – structure, trophic levels, 10% energy transfer rule
  • How energy is lost from one trophic level to the next
  • Decomposers – examples and their importance in an ecosystem
  • Impact of species loss on an ecosystem

My Food Chains and Webs Google Slides Activities and Quiz includes:

  • Student Google Slides Activities: 22 slides of engaging activities, including:
    • fill-in-the-blanks
    • drag and drop to create a food chain and food web
    • follow-up questions
    • reading passage of key information
    • research task on the Venus flytraps
    • plus more!
  • Answer Slides: animated for going through with the whole class, or you can set them on Google Classroom for students to check and correct their own work
  • Google Forms Quiz: a self-grading 11 point quiz to let you easily check student progress. An image of a food web is used to support some of the questions
  • Teacher Guidance: how to assign and use this resource

How do I use the Google Slides and Quiz?

  1. After checkout, you can immediately download your resource
  2. Then you’ll click the links in the PDF to make copies for your own Google Drive
  3. Next, simply assign the slides and quiz to your students on Google Classroom

And that’s it, your lesson prep is done!

Would you love some Doodle Notes to review this lesson? You can get them for just $2 extra in my Food Chains and Webs Bundle.

Please note: You will need a Google Classroom set up for your students and each student will need their own device and an internet connection to access the Google Slides and Quiz. There are links to YouTube videos – please ensure YouTube is not restricted by your school. Most clipart and questions are secured and cannot be edited. The answers can be edited.

You’re busy juggling a million things – let me take lesson planning off your plate. Download my ready to use resources instantly and get your time back.

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