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Whole Year of Biology Google Slides and Doodle Notes Bundle

Are you tired of lesson planning and prepping? Save countless hours of your time, with my whole year biology curriculum. These resources are highly engaging for your students, and low prep for you! Download now.

Each license is for single classroom use by the original purchaser only - if you would like to share this resource with your colleagues, please purchase additional licenses.
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Taking too much school work home? Feel like you are lesson planning and prepping every day? Do you want time for the people and hobbies you love?

You deserve a break – save hours of time with these ready-to-use resources for your biology curriculum!

This whole year bundle of Google Slides, Doodle Notes, and Google Forms Quizzes is designed to give you back your time. These are super low prep and ready to download. They are an amazing addition to your biology curriculum!

Let me help you be the incredible teacher that you are, without the burnout.

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There are 10 biology units covered:

PLUS Doodle Notes for an Introduction to Science Unit! Note, there are no Google Slides activities or quizzes for Intro to Science.

What does this Biology Curriculum Bundle include?

For every unit, you will get:

  • Student Slides: engaging and interactive activities for every lesson – these are varied to keep students motivated, and all technical skills required to complete the tasks are explained within the Google Slides. Example activities include labeling biological diagrams, drag and drop statements, match-ups, graphing tasks, highlighting text, word fills and much, much more!
  • Answer Slides: these are animated so you can go through the answers as a class, or you can share them on Google Classroom for students to self-check and improve their work
  • Google Forms Quizzes: there is a self-grading quiz for every lesson so you can easily check student progress. Most quizzes have between 10-20 questions and a variety of question types are used. Images are used to support some questions.
  • Whole Unit Digital Interactive Notebooks: if you prefer to assign a whole unit at once, then you can use the whole unit Digital INBs. These have all of the Google Slides for each unit compiled into one big set of Google Slides. There is an introduction section with editable expectations, tips for using Google Slides, a data tracker etc. There is also a “Master Digital INB” for each unit, with all of the answer slides. Note: the links for these are included in the bonus file.
  • Doodle Notes: in multiple versions for easy differentiation:
    • Open response versions – to challenge your students
    • Scaffolded fill-in-the-blank versions – to support your students
    • Black and white versions – perfect for coloring in
    • Colored versions – assign digitally with a PDF mark-up tool, e.g. Kami
    • Answer key presentations – Google Slides & PowerPoint options
    • A completed example to model the notes for students
  • Teacher Guidance: you’ll get clear guidance on how to assign and use these resources.

Trust me, your students are as bored of textbooks and lectures as you are. These bright and interactive activities will reenergize your classroom and engage your students in their learning!

Benefits of my Doodle Notes:

  • They are low prep – simply print one copy per student
  • You can easily differentiate for your students, with 2 versions – the open response version is more challenging, while the scaffolded version is more supportive
  • There are also color versions are included so you can assign the Doodle Notes digitally with a PDF editor like Kami
  • I draw all of the graphics myself to make sure they are at a suitable level – they are designed to bring Biology to life and make it memorable and clear for students to understand
  • High quality completed examples are included so you can model the Doodle Notes for students
  • Students love having well-organized and engaging notes – they’re often really proud of their finished notes!

Benefits of my Google Slides Activities and Quizzes:

  • They are practically zero prep – simply check over the slides and assign to Google Classroom
  • They promote independence – students can get stuck into tasks quickly
  • With vibrant colors and illustrations, students can really visualize the topic and interact with it
  • Students will develop their technical skills through interactive tasks
  • They bring technology into the classroom in an accessible and easy way, with clear instructions for teachers and students

Why should I purchase this bundle?

This is my best value bundle, giving you 40% savings! These resources will save you countless hours of work over the year, and you (and your students!) will love using them in the classroom.

This bundle also includes Whole Unit Digital Interactive Notebooks – making it easy for you to assign entire units to students. It also contains bonus sets of Doodle Notes that you won’t find separately in my store. Make sure to download the bonus file to access the bonus Doodle Notes and Unit Digital INBs.

How do I use this bundle of resources?

  1. After checkout, you can immediately download your resources
  2. You’ll click the links in the PDFs to make copies of the Google Slides and Quizzes for your own Google Drive
  3. Simply assign these to your students on Google Classroom
  4. You’ll open the Doodle Notes ZIP files to see all of the versions of the Doodle Notes
  5. Pick which versions you want students to complete and print one set for each student

And that’s it – your lessons are prepped!

Please note: These resources are digital downloads – no physical products will be shipped. To assign the Google Slides and Quiz, you need a Google Classroom. Your students need their own device and an internet connection. Most clipart and questions are secured and cannot be edited. The answers can be edited. There are some links to YouTube – please check YouTube is not restricted by your school. My Doodle Notes are secure PDF files and are not editable. Doodle Notes is a trademarked term used with permission. Please visit doodlenotes.org for more info. 

You’re tired, overworked, and have a million things on your to-do list. Let me tick off one of them, with these ready-to-use resources for your biology curriculum. You deserve a break.

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