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Proteins Google Slides

Looking for ready-to-use resources to teach the structure and function of Proteins? These Google Slides activities are no prep – simply assign on Google Classroom. And they are beautifully illustrated to engage your students – bonus!

Each license is for single classroom use by the original purchaser only - if you would like to share this resource with your colleagues, please purchase additional licenses.
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These Google Slides activities will engage your students in learning about the macromolecule group of proteins.

Custom clipart brings the levels of protein structure to life, with clear diagrams and labeling tasks. There are two versions of this main task to make differentiation easy! Other activities include researching essential amino acids and sorting these, creating a dipeptide and polypeptide diagram, an article and questions on prions, and more. These are zero prep activities – simply choose the version best suited to your students and assign on Google Classroom.

There is a Google Forms Quiz to easily check student progress – it’s self grading, so there’s no extra work for you!

Content covered:

  • Amino acids – molecular structure and functional groups
  • Essential and non-essential amino acids – what these are
  • Levels of protein structure – primary, secondary, tertiary and quaternary – structure & bonds involved in protein folding
  • Functions of proteins – description and examples of different types of proteins
  • Protein misfolding / prions – impact of this on disease
My Proteins Google Slides Activities and Quiz includes:
  • Student Google Slides Activities: 15 slides of engaging activities, including:
    • labeling an amino acid
    • showing dipeptide and polypeptide formation
    • describing and labeling levels of protein structure
    • matching protein functions and examples
    • an article and questions
    • plus more! 
  • Answer Slides: animated for going through with the whole class, or you can set them on Google Classroom for students to check and correct their own work.
  • Google Forms Quiz: a self-grading 15 point quiz to let you easily check student progress. There are 14 questions in total.
  • Teacher Guidance: how to assign and use this resource.

*There are two versions of the Google Slides for easy differentiation – simply choose the version that suits your students best!

How do I use the Google Slides and Quiz?

  1. After checkout, you can immediately download your resource
  2. Then you’ll click the links in the PDF to make copies for your own Google Drive
  3. Next, simply assign the slides and quiz to your students on Google Classroom

And that is it – your lesson is prepped and ready to go.

Did you know? I have proteins Doodle Notes – and they are bundled with these Google Slides for even better value! Check out my discounted Proteins Bundle here.

Please note: You will need a Google Classroom set up for your students and each student will need their own device and an internet connection to access the Google Slides and Quiz. Most clipart and questions are secured and cannot be edited. The answers can be edited. There is a link to a National Geographic article for one activity – please check this link will work for your students.

You’ve taken enough work home this week. Get this ready-to-use lesson and take a break – you deserve it!

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