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Photosynthesis and Cellular Respiration Unit Bundle Doodle Notes

Photosynthesis and cellular respiration are challenging topics for students. This bundle of Doodle Notes will help them visualize these processes, with clear diagrams and concise summaries. All you need to do is download and print them out!

Each license is for single classroom use by the original purchaser only - if you would like to share this resource with your colleagues, please purchase additional licenses.
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Fun and rigorous Doodle Notes for your Photosynthesis and Cellular Respiration unit!

These are zero prep and provide easy differentiation, with both open response and scaffolded fill-in-the-blank versions. Custom clipart brings the stages of each process to life and helps students to remember the concepts. They are a great for reviews, test prep, sub plans or a homework assignment. They can even be used digitally with a PDF editor like Kami. These are a great addition to your cellular energetics/bioenergetics unit!

This bundle of Doodle Notes is suitable for use with High School Biology and AP® Biology courses.

Each set of Doodle Notes includes:

  • An open response version for higher challenge
  • A scaffolded version for support with fill-in-the-blanks
  • Black and white versions, perfect for coloring in
  • Color versions – use with a PDF markup tool, e.g Kami
  • A handy how-to-guide to get you started with Doodle Notes

Content covered:

  • Photosynthesis: Evolution of photosynthesis; Autotrophs and heterotrophs; The process of photosynthesis (basic); Word and symbol equations for photosynthesis; How the reactants are obtained; The structure of the leaf: epidermis, waxy cuticle, palisade mesophyll, spongy mesophyll, guard cells and stomata; Xylem and phloem; Role of the stomata; Structure of the chloroplast; Factors affecting the rate of photosynthesis
  • Photosynthesis Reactions: Locations of the light-dependent and light-independent reactions (also referred to as the Calvin Cycle); Reactants and products of each photosynthesis reaction; The stages of the light-dependent and light-independent reactions and how these two reactions are linked; Alternative methods of photosynthesis: CAM and C4 pathways of photosynthesis
  • Cellular Respiration: What ATP is and how it works – ADP, phosphorylation, release of energy; Overview of cellular respiration – definition, word equations; Stages of aerobic cellular respiration – Glycolysis, The Krebs Cycle, The Electron Transport Chain – location of each and basic overview; Fermentation / anaerobic respiration – ethanol fermentation and lactate/lactic acid fermentation – word equations and comparison to aerobic cellular respiration
  • BONUS DOODLE NOTES: This is a bundle exclusive! When you purchase this bundle, you will get a free set of Doodle Notes to allow students to compare the processes of photosynthesis and aerobic cellular respiration. A great way to finish up your cellular energetics/bioenergetics unit. Note: this is a bundle exclusive and is not available separately in my store!

How do I use the Doodle Notes?

  1. After checkout, you can immediately download the Doodle Notes
  2. Then you’ll choose which version you want students to use
  3. Simply print one set of notes for each student

And that’s it, your review lessons are ready to go!

Please note: These resources are digital downloads – no physical products will be shipped. My Doodle Notes are secure PDF files and are not editable. Doodle Notes is a trademarked term used with permission. Please visit doodlenotes.org for more info.

You can’t pour from an empty cup. Grab this unit of Doodle Notes and take some time for yourself today – you deserve it.

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